Merchandise consignment system, members and non-members can use, it connects all the servers, all transactions are completed through the consignment system, once the transaction, can not go back ... earn a good way to RS Gold!

The store is located in the V City (varrock) on the left bank of the left bank, where it is almost possible to buy and sell any items that use this system you can complete the transaction at any time any time. The consignment system is running 24 hours in which you can leveling Do the task whatever you do, do not delay the completion of your deal.

Before you use the consignment system, you must learn with Brugsen Bursen about the consignment, otherwise the traders in the store will not care for you.

Brugsen Bursen is on the south side of the store, he is the founder of the central trading system.

In the consignment around, there are five staff, they are responsible for the day ore, wood, runes, herbs, weapons and equipment trading quotes. let you easily get a lot of cheap runescape gold.